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Vapour Poland

First Polish Vape Industry B2B magazine
Our brand new industry magazine launched on 13th of June 2019, in print and digital versions supported by social media.
Vapour Poland is a Quarterly magazine which gives you the chance to reach across the vaping market in Poland, improving your market exposure and giving you access to local trends and data.
Be visible
Vapour Poland offers many additional services including product photo sessions, insights and guidance on marketing opportunities in Poland such as the Warsaw Vape Expo planned for the beginning of the next year. 
Our aim
Our ambition is to create a comprehensive media platform for the entire Vape industry. We will achieve this by offering:
an environment that promotes B2B contact between the professional operators and all stakeholders in the market
a focal point for promotion and marketing of the vape industry in Poland, helping to establish a clear and coherent message for customers, and driving product sales
a single point of communication through print and digital magazine formats, social media and a trade fair to raise brand awareness and shift the social mindset towards vaping in Poland.
articles from outstanding specialists in the field on current issues, for example on health, science, technology and the legal environment
international and European trends and market data
news reports from trade fairs and vape related news, including CBD products

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